Since 2017 our band Spici Water has been consistantly growing throughout the Perth music scene, playing gigs from Fremantle to Scarborough. After the 2021 release of our first single "Drunk Texts", the band has grown in popularity, with our music reaching not only outside of WA but outside of Australia. Our band consists of members AJ (vocals + rhymth guitar), Amber (drums), Fred (bass) and Kyle (lead guitar); who have been playing together since 2020. Our songs are about experiencing the highs and lows of life and love as a young person in Australia and just trying to push yourself through it.

We deeply appreciate all the support our fans have given us and we want to thank you for buying our merch. Doing so helps us to pay for things like recording new songs, booking tours and more merch!! :)

Lots of love,

Spici Water